20,000 Land Rover Repairs – The RoverLog

Welcome to 20,000 Repairs – The RoverLog! Just kidding, I hope it doesn’t reach that point, but if it does, I don’t care, because this maintenance journey is open-ended as long as I continue to use this vehicle (fingers crossed earth doesn’t run out of gasoline…which it will some day).

Anyway, having said that, I wanted to provide in the RoverLog a service and repair log for the used 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport L320  I bought with 126,000 miles on it. Hopefully, the RoverLog will provide some perspective on what goes into maintaining a vehicle like this and seeing it through its second decade of life and beyond.

As a refresher, I bought this Rover in March of 2018 for $7,500, knowing full-well that there were things that would need to be fixed and maintained, but wanted to analyze, over time, what the cost and reliability would be of such a vehicle.  The RoverLog is a living document that will log all services and repairs made to the Range Rover Sport as long as I have it. I hope this is a helpful point of reference for folks to see what a given repair or service cost at a given time on a given vehicle (the Land Rover LR3 is an equivalency).

Let’s not kid ourselves. Any thirteen year old vehicle with 126,000 miles is going to need work, but there is very little focused detail on the web with regards to just what exactly goes in to keeping a vehicle like this maintained. My hope is to provide that information, if only for one vehicle.

People like to complain about this thing or that thing that goes wrong and the cost associated with it in a highly subjective and often emotional rant as a comment on an automotive review site. I’m instead going to post the information objectively along with relevant data (such as averages) to help people understand more.

I bought this vehicle with optimism in mind, and also the realization of what I was potentially signing up for in terms of perceived reliability. So let’s see how this plays out. Enjoy reading!

Also, credit where it’s due, this page was inspired by Doug Demuro’s maintenance journey with his full-size 2006 Range Rover L322.

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